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s, including transportation, energy, crackdown on corruption.Beijing Exhibition Center gives ▓you glimpse of the futureBeijing Exhibition Center gives you glimpse of the future11-09-201▓7 16:35 BJTBy Tom McGregor, CCTV.com Pa▓nview commentator and editorChina has taken bold steps▓ in recent years to rejuvenate its economy by embarking on huge infrastructure projects, urbanization and supporting innovations in t

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Center, located in the heart of the capital city, is holding a grand exhibit featuring China&rsquo▓;s outstanding achievements over the past five years to highlight China’s greatest i▓nfrastructure achiev

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ements, as well as new sci.-t▓ech developments, along with showing a new vision of▓ our future.New developments for new era▓CCTV.com Panview visited the Beijing Exhibit▓ion Center on Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, 20

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    in general did not fail to disappoint, as visitors could view vivid poste▓r photos plastered all over the walls a▓nd you could touch the numerous models of C▓hina's big pr

    ojects, such as an artificial sun, FAST (Fiv▓e-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), world's largest radio telescope

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    , hi▓-speed trains, deep sea research submersibles and so much more.You could walk to 11 different exh▓ibition areas, which feature diff

    erent them▓es, including transportation, energ▓y, crackdown on corruption, PLA (people Liberation Army) advances in weaponry, new inven▓tions, hybrid agriculture and a loo

    k t▓o the future.Future era for hi-techChina's future may l▓ikely be dominated by Industry 4.0, which supports the manufacturing

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